Of lost causes

Before the dandies came back to power, there was a time when I would wake up in the morning with a burning desire to show up for work at the agency.There was a time when we produced campaigns without computers, planners, and testimonials. There was a time when every ad had to contain a part of us. There was a time when, every day of every month, we worked by day for the clients who could pay and by night for the others. At that time, the dandies had had to sit down and watch. At that time, many of the works gathered in this book were born.




Concept: SMP+ / Copywriter: Stefano Maria Palombi / Texts: Stefano Maria Palombi / Art Director: Andrea Steinfl / Art Director: Fabio Ferri / Art Director: Grazia Cecconi / Art Director: Luca Albanese / Art Director: Marzia Pietra / Art Director: Francesca Risolo / Art Director: Alessandra Torri / Translations: Lyrical Translations www.lyrical-translations.com