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Exchanging Shirts

An event: a fan of the Genova team is stabbed to death by a hooligan of the Milan team. The football championship is suspended for the first time ever. The Italian Football Federation calls us. With Paolo Ettorre's approval, I suggest to the then president of the Federation, Matarese, in the course of a meeting, to make all the A series and B series players go onto the playing fields wearing the shirts of the opponent teams. To my enormous surprise, the answer was: “Yes”. It had never happened in the history of world football. The images of those shirts being exchanged before the start of the games, disrupting the habitual ritual, travel around the world, wind up on the front pages of all the dailies, and, most of all, produce in fans such a surprise and such feelings as no “traditional” campaign could ever have achieved.


Saatchi & Saatchi




Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Italy / Art Director: Fabio Ferri / Copywriter: Stefano Maria Palombi / Creative Director: Stefano Maria Palombi / Creative Director: Luca Albanese