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Access to and navigation in the Site on the part of individual users are free of charge and subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below.
The contents of the Site may not be reproduced or appropriated in any manner.
This work may not be used for commercial purposes.
This work may not be altered or changed, nor may it be used to create another work.

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Before posting a comment, read the following common sense rules.
SMP+ is not responsible for the contents, materials and/or informations posted in the virtual spaces open to users, since it does not carry out any preventive approval of them.
Contributions posted by users are not subject to preventive approval.
SMP+ reserves the right to remove all contents published by users, in the event it is deemed that they violate even one of the common sense rules laid out in the present text.
Users who notice in the Site any content they consider illegitimate, inappropriate, offensive or vulgar are requested to report it to SMP+ immediately via e-mail, while exercising a responsible use of the reporting faculty and avoiding excesses or abuses. In cases in which SMP+ becomes aware, even as a result of a report from a third party, of the presence of contents that violate the law or the rights of others, it has the unappealable right to eliminate them in their entirety or in part. If contents are eliminated because considered in violation of the rights of third parties, and the user who published them retains that a mistake has been made, she or he may reply by communicating with SMP+ via e-mail.
Moreover, in the event SMP+ should receive reports concerning erroneous data or credits, it will immediately verify the accuracy of the information that has been provided and, if necessary, update contents accordingly.

All contents are made available to users solely for their direct, personal, and private use and only as long as such use is not for profit and/or directly or indirectly commercial and is exercised in full compliance with what has been laid out.
The user declares and guarantees SMP+ that the contents she or he inputs into the Site are not of an obscene, violent, defamatory, blasphemous, gruesome character, or of such nature as can be upsetting to minors, and in any case does not violate the possible rights of third parties or of the law.

Protection of the rights of third parties
SMP+ declares that it has obtained all the permissions and agreements from all subjects holding rights, in particular as concerns the publishing of photographs and videos of minors. Were it to be deemed that one or more of the contents of SMP+ violate the privacy or have been published without the approval of the interested parties, please communicate the fact to the address indicated in the “Contact” page of the Site.
In the event it is deemed that any content of the SMP+ site has violated any of the above-mentioned conditions, please communicate it via e-mail. SMP+ will update, black out – either entirely or in part – said content or, alternatively, come to an agreement with the party that maintains that its rights have been violated.

Protection of the name “SMP+” and other symbols that might be mistaken for it is forbidden, unless prior written permission has been obtained.

Do not use SMP+ for illegal, misleading, malevolent or discriminatory purposes.
Do not aid or abet any violation of the present Declaration.

The present document was originally written in the Italian language. In case of conflict with the translated version, the Italian version shall prevail.

Date of the latest revision: 22 November 2011