Haiku in Brooklyn

I picked some ancient Japanese poems. Or perhaps it would be more correct to say that they picked me. For each of them, I imagined and wrote a story. These screenplays became the inspiration for the short film I shot in Brooklyn. Selected for the Short Film Corner at Cannes,  the Big Apple Film Festival at New York and the ACT NOW Foundation event in Brooklyn.





Concept: SMP+ / Director: Stefano Maria Palombi / Texts: Stefano Maria Palombi / Photographer: Eric Branco / Second Unit: Mattia Palombi / Edit: Jenn Needleman / Production Company: Occhiaperti and Needlegarden Projects / Backstage Photo: Jenn Needleman / Backstage Photo: Mattia Palombi / Translations: Lyrical Translations www.lyrical-translations.com